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The Great College Roadmap Is

Your personalized, affordable guide through the college admissions maze.

A Self-Guided Video Course

Personalized Coaching

A Private Community

A step-by-step guide with vital information--plus tip sheets, exercises, and organizational tools-- to help your child succeed.

Individual 1-on-1 meetings to help you make the right decisions at the right time.

Exclusive access to a private, curated FaceBook group to collaborate with other families on the road to college.

Take the pain out of college admissions. TODAY.

  • Some families are able to rely on concierge-level college advisors.
  • We are private college advisors serving clients worldwide.
  • Now, for the first time, your family can have the same valuable information, coupled with personalized advising just when you need it.
  • All at an affordable price.


What's Covered?

  • Little-known secrets behind the admissions process from an expert
  • The inside scoop on crucial aspects of admissions from testing to recommendations to essays
  • In-depth explanations of how to get more financial aid and reduce the cost of college
  • A state-of-the art web platform to stay organized and do college research
  • Regular access to experts who will answer your burning questions
  • 3 hours of personalized 1:1 coaching for your family

One-on-One Advising

Web-based Organizational Tool

Expert Point of View

A Modular Program

Private Community

Videos, Assessments, Tips Sheets, & More

What's Included?

  • Over 100 instructional videos with detailed explanations, tips for success, and a calming attitude
  • 4 different student assessments to explore personality, choose appropriate majors, & map possible career choices
  • Dozens of critical worksheets to identify and record your priorities, your preferences, and set your direction
  • 20 parent tip sheets to help you better guide your student through this process (without driving yourself--or your student--crazy)
  • Two multi-page E-books to help you get the most out of college visits and to prepare for interviews
  • 3 HOURS of personalized advice with an experienced college admissions expert to address your burning questions and provide essential guidance
  • The use of a state-of-the-art web-based tool to keep the process organized, research colleges, and provide a short-cut to an effective application




  • A personalized introductory call to walk you through the entire combination of tools, so you can hit the ground running and begin enjoying your college journey together as a family.


  • A private, moderated FaceBook group, where you can ask questions, and share discoveries with other Great College Roadmap families

Pick the Right College: Atmospherics

How important: location, amenities, landscaping, architecture? Dig deep into criteria that students focus on most when choosing a college.

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Essays Prompts:
Topic of Your Choice

How do you answer a prompt that isn't one? How should you approach this wide-open invitation to write about anything you like?


Your Guide: Mark A. Montgomery, Ph.D.

Listen to Mark explain why he created this unique program.

Mark Montgomery, Ph.D.,is a leading independent university admissions counselor in the United States. Montgomery is an experienced educator, university admissions consultant, and youth mentor advising students around the world in selecting and applying to American universities. He has guided hundreds of students, 97% of which have received offers from at least one of their top three choices. While he credits his students with their own successes, he is happy that about 65% of his students who vie for the Ivy League are successful.

As a life-long educator, Dr. Montgomery has won several teaching awards and has served as an external evaluator of university teaching and learning programs, including programs at Yale University. Before becoming a college coach, he served as an Associate Dean at the University of Denver, a professor of international relations at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, an instructor at Harvard University, an admissions counselor at Fort Lewis College, and a high school teacher at St. Mary’s Academy in Denver. He has consulted with the English Schools Foundation in Hong Kong on how to improve their post-secondary advising program.

All About the Great College Roadmap

Great College Advice Featured In....

Ready to demystify the
college admissions process?

Why are so many highly qualified students rejected by the Ivy League and other highly selective colleges? Why is this process so crazy?

Get Mark's no-nonsense explanations for why your student has a very low chance of admission to the nation's top universities--and tips for what you can do to reverse those odds.

Free Webinar: 4 Keys to Selective College Admissions


Mark A. Montgomery, Ph.D.



about your student being left without expert guidance, & missing out on critical information

your time on Google searches, Reddit threads, gossipy webpages, and listening to advice from anywhere

the best for your student & family, but not knowing where to turn for personalized guidance





I couldn’t be more pleased with the value, as well as the end results. I can only imagine how much bumpier it would have been without your services. Besides your expertise in all aspects of the process, you gave our daughter confidence, motivation and accountability.

W.M., Parent,

Evansville, Indiana

Parents and Students Say...

Not only was Nichole accepted to her first choice university, she was offered an astounding scholarship and financial aid package, without which, she could not have attended. In part, this was occasioned by the good grades our daughter consistently earned throughout high school, but especially to the guidance and expertise of Mark Montgomery during the application process.

D.O., Parent,

East Petersburg, PA


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