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Dispel the mist around the College Admission Process

Meet Mark! (Your College Expert)

Mark Montgomery, PhD, brings his decades of experience as a teacher, professor, and college administrator to help his clients find the best college match -- and then get in.

Having attended and worked at top colleges (Dartmouth, Tufts, Harvard, Yale), he understands what it takes to be a top student.

Over the past 12 years, Mark and his team have racked up one of the best (if not the best) track records in getting students into their desired colleges.

Last year alone, 97% of their students received offers from at least one of their top three choices.

Along with guiding hundreds of students, Mark has also helped parents avoid big college planning and financial mistakes.

Learn the REAL next steps you must take

to secure your child's educational future

Relieve your burden. Eliminate your uncertainty. Reassert your control.


What Past Clients Have To Say

Janice Grissom-Scott

"Working with Mark gave us great confidence in our daughter's choice of a college and assurance that she was applying to and considering schools that fit well with her personality and interests.

He also helped us avoid a lot of the stress and conflict that I think can arise when kids are going through the application and selection process.

We had a wonderful experience with him."

Greater Denver Area, CO

Laurie K.

After the very first call, my son said, "That was great; when can I talk to Mark again?"

I can't believe how fired up he is now about this process.

San Mateo, CA

Sarah Michael

"I've had two daughters that picked the right school, stayed for their entire 4 years, graduated in 4 years, not 4 and a half, not 5, but 4 and I think they're set up for success!"

Denver, CO

Martha B.

After this call, there was an immediate reduction in the stress levels in our home.

Jacob felt safe to begin the process on his own.

Vienna, VA

Barb Superka

"Mark has an incredible rapport with young people.

He tells them what they need to hear while empowering them to be their best."

Denver, CO

Lynne Martin

Our experience with Mark was AMAZING! He is very professional, and he listened and analyzed Alex’s desires in developing a list of prospective schools. He kept Alex on track and I did not have to be the one holding Alex to the admission deadlines. I simply got to enjoy the process and help Alex make his final decision.

Mark truly mentored Alex through the college maze and I think they will have a friendship for years to come. I could write a lot more, however, in summary Mark’s services are worth every penny!

Coeur d'Alene, ID

Marshall Essig

"Once we sat down with Mark, the stress was immediately gone.

Now it was no longer my son and I arguing about what was the right path. Here was a neutral--expert--third party who could give us both some good advice.

Mark and Andrea were a huge help."

Denver, CO

Frédéric Dimanche

Mark took the time to talk with our son Alexis to understand his motivations, expectations, and dreams, and to explain the process and options. As a result, Alexis learned about himself and was able to focus more on what would be a great college experience for him. We narrowed down the number of alternatives and started to apply.

With this targeted approach, we found colleges that not only would fit Alexis' needs, but that would welcome him and entice him to come with significant scholarship packages. Alexis is now a thriving STEM student-athlete who is benefitting from the many opportunities that professors and student groups are proposing. Happy is the key word: Thanks to Mark and his advice, both parents and the student are happy!

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Empower your child with the right attitude and decision towards a college fit for his or her needs

Relieve your burden. Eliminate your uncertainty. Reassert your control.


About Great College Advice

"Mapping College Journeys"™

Our mission is to provide students and families the highest standard of assistance in the college selection and admissions process.

Pam Gentry

“My focus is on really understanding our students’ needs, and helping them to find the right fit.”

Karen Aylward

Andrea Aronson

“I like to work with students so they can find their way in life. It's so fulfilling when you can empower them so they can pursue their dreams.”

“Working long hours in helping children realize their potential and to discover what they really want is the best thing I can ask for.”

"Our goal for each student is to create opportunities in which the student

will be happy , successful , and prosperous."

We offer Great College Advice for every budget

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We offer comprehensive counseling packages to guide students and families through every step of the journey.

Focused Services

We offer individually-tailored services to alleviate the most common stresses in the college admissions process.

Essential Guidance

We offer targeted, affordable advice to keep families on track without breaking the bank.



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Dispel the mist around the College Admission Process

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